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I get an error message from time to time requesting me to install a plug-in for Flash. I have the latest Flash player. What's up?


If NONE of our videos are playing for you and you see one of the images above (instead of our videos) your browser is recommending a plug-in:

Adobe Flash player, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are frequently updated at the same time. If you have recently updated your browser or flash player, and now you cannot see our videos in your browser (especially if you are using Firefox) please update both your browser and your flash player to the latest versions. (Note: If your computer is set to automatically apply updates, this dual compatibility effect can take place without your even knowing it, as one piece of software updates and another does not.)

Alternatively, if you see the 2nd image above, you can click the "Activate Adobe Flash" link as a temporary fix.

The Firefox browser plug-in for Flash player can be updated here:

and the Adobe Shockwave Flash Player can be updated here:

(If you do not want Google Drive installed with the update, be sure to uncheck that option in the gray window above the gold download button.)

If both your flash player and your browser are at the latest update versions and you are still having problems on our site, please see the issues and fixes posted below.

Internet Explorer 7 - Flash Issues 

Here's a new IE7 fix sent in by one of our users:

If you have tried the other fixes (see below) and still get the "white screen," be sure you have set as a "trusted" site in your browser. Tools > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites > Sites (add  

I cannot see your videos running, but I know I have Flash Player installed. All that I see is a big white space. Why is this? In order to see our videos, you must make sure of these things:

1) You must have at least Flash Player 6 and Internet Explorer 6 (or Firefox 2) installed. 98% of internet users already have the Flash Player installed, but if you fall into that 2% or your version is less than 6, you can get a FREE installation from To check your version of the Flash Player, right-click on any video (whether you can see it playing or not). A pop-up window will display the Flash Player version at the bottom of the window.

2) You must start your visit to at our Main Page: If you bookmark a page inside our site and then use that bookmark later, you might not be able to see our videos play.

If you have had the "bookmark experience," CLOSE your current browser window, OPEN a new browser window, and RETURN to our Main Page at With FLASH PLAYER 6+ installed, you can then navigate FROM OUR MAIN PAGE to the various site options and see the videos playing without any problem.

4) Check your firewall settings to make sure is not being blocked.
I can't see your videos running either, but I know I have Flash Player 6 installed. What I see is a big gray space. Why is this? Our site videos are designed to be viewed with Adobes's Flash Player 6.0 or higher. The gray space that you are seeing indicates that a QuickTime Player has tried to appropriate the flash format. Perhaps you have recently installed QuickTime or the QuickTime player has performed an automatic update without you being aware. Therefore, you will need to tell QuickTime that it cannot try to open Flash files (undo the flash file type association in QuickTime.). Your QuickTime player might be different, depending on the version, but here are the basic steps to solving your problem:

Start the QuickTime player through your Start Menu. Under "Edit," choose "Preferences." Then, if you see a drop-down menu, choose "File Associations." Under "File-type Associations," uncheck the option for File type: "Flash file" or extension ".swf."

Your version might have a somewhat different way to access File Associations, but if you can "un-associate" flash files from the QuickTime player, you will be able to see our videos and the QuickTime player will remain the video player for the other file types you leave checked in File Associations.
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